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As defined in the constitution, the powers of the Association shall be exercised, its property controlled, and its affairs conducted by a National Race Director, National Race Director - Minor Breeds (now called other breeds),Secretary -Treasurer, and Registrar - Recorder.

Over time, the duties have expanded and there are now a couple of appointed positions: the OTR recorder and the scheduler.

Bruce Irvine
National Race Director

Bruce has been involved in whippets for a few decades. He lives in North Carolina and was elected NRD in 2015.

Sue Weilbacher
Whippet Registrar/Recorder

Sue has raced whippets since the 1980's and has been whippet registrar for a *very* long time.

Celeste Wilcox
Interim Secretary/Treasurer

Appointed in the off year 2018, Celeste is an avid whippet racer living in Texas. She also serves as webmaster.

Tracy Rudzitis
National Other Breed Race Director

Tracy is a greyhound enthusiast living in New York and serves as "other breed" national race director.


Jean Pennie
Other Breed Registrar

Jean is a Saluki enthusiast and lives in New Jersey. She has been involved in the sport for over 20 years and previously served on the NOTRA BOD as the Other Breed National Race Director.

Penny Bolt
Whippet OTR Record Keeper

A whippet & greyhound enthusiast in the SE region, Penny  has assumed the OTR reigns in 2018.

A few heroes/Racing couldn't happen without everyone who participates. THANK YOU!